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Access to Justice and Equality of Arms

The phrase "Justice must not only be done, but must also be seen to be done" is a famous legal aphorism that was laid down by Lord Hewart, the then Lord Chief Justice of England in the case of Rex v. Sussex Justices, 1 KB 256. The principle established by this case is that the mere appearance of bias is sufficient to overturn a judicial decision.

The phrase is often used to emphasise the importance of impartiality in the administration of justice. But the current justice system is broken, fundamentally flawed and institutionally biased. It favours those who have mastered and can manipulate the procedural systems of justice for unjust purposes. 

This is particularly harmful to those acting as litigants in person. Facing legal proceedings within a broken justice system can be especially daunting if you're a lay person with limited means to hire professional legal representation.

In breach of your human rights to a fair trial, and contrary to both the criminal and civil procedural rules concerned with the 'equality of arms', you're often left feeling alone, desperate and broken with little confidence in the systems of justice as a whole. 

Those working within the profession are also strained. Burning the midnight candle on legal reading and research along with the nuances of the legal landscape can get to the best of us. 

But there is hope for change on the horizon.



Outreach Services

Lexia Law's investment in Generative Artificial Intelligence (AI) is here to help.

Our Barrister Bot gives expert assistance to professional counsel, while both you and your counsel can consult with virtual Lexia Litigators on the specifics of your individual case.

Being part of our growing pride of Legal Intelligence Outreach Networks ("LIONs"), means you'll never walk alone.

Legal Advisory Services


Our legal AI consultants carefully capture client needs into briefing document for in-depth understanding and analysis of the issues, producing an intelligent recommendations report.

Legal Administrative Services


Our legal AI consultants will brief Lexia Litigator, our virtual litigation expert, with your case-specific knowledge to help prepare pleadings in compliance with pre and post action protocols. 

Legal Advocacy Services


Using Lexia Litigator and Barrister Bot, we help lawyers and litigants in person with risk and case management from pre-trial costs and case management throughout the full judicial process. 


Lexia LIONs form communities of practice capable of intelligent knowledge exchange across jurisdictions and all categories of law. 


Harnessing the collective wisdom of an expanding global community, Lexia Law can take on even the largest of global law firms when protecting your best interests.


Our subscription based pricing model funds The Lexia Equal Access Trust to help realise our vision of a universally free justice system for all. 

Legal Assistance

From just £350/m *

We envision a future where access to justice is as universally free as the National Health Service of England is today. Help us realise this vision by enquiring about our trailblazer donor packages.

You can also apply to join Legal Intelligence Outreach Networks (LIONs) from as little as £350 per case per month, for a minimum of 3 months. Please submit a brief outline of your case and we'll contact you to discuss what assistance is available and to agree full terms of service. 

We look forward to assisting you, and thank you in anticipation of your help in making our vision of universally free access to justice edge closer to reality.

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